The Worlds End.

Date 2017. It has been five years since life ended on Earth. I got a front row seat to the end of existence. I sat up here on my throne, all alone as everyone and everything I ever cared about turned to ash and died in front of me.
It all ended in fire and bright lights. The world wiped out in one fluid moment. I never thought humanity would ever go down this road. We where warned that we would be the death of ourselves, but being stubborn we never looked at the warning signs. We just kept marching to our Doom.
I plan on ending my life after this memo. Today is my birthday, I am Jack Robertson and I am thirty one years old.
I was born and grew up in a small town in Nebraska called Red Cloud. My Dad, James, worked as a truck driver who spent days on the road without seening us. But we didn’t mind because it put food on our plate.
My Mam, Stephenie, was a stay at home mother who thought my brother and me a lot of what we know.
My brother, Frank, was two years younger than me but we got on like brothers got on. We fought but we never really meant anything by it.
I had the typical country boy lifestyle, grew up fighting other boys, kissing all the girls and playing football after school. Fell in love with Cindy Lawrence who ended up breaking my heart. By all standards I had a pretty good life, but an uneventful one.
Until in my last year of school when an Army recruiter came to visit. That soldier stood up on the school stage, looking like a hero. His medals polished and proudly displayed on his chest. His uniform carefully cleaned and ironed. I had never seen a man before who looked so proud and confindate as he did.
I fell for what he was selling, the promise of a life full of adventure, college paged for me and friends for ever. A month after I left high-school I was leaving home to serve.
I got my head shaved, my gear and a bunk. All the typical G.I ‘pleasures’. The training was the most intense I had ever done. But I quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant and had my own men to command and see through the training.
A year after training and small details, my platoon was been shipped out to Afghanistan. By this time I was twenty and had been promted to Sergeant First Class. My time over there was one of the most terrifying of my life. But I couldn’t really show it incase my men picked up on it and fear struck them as well. I killed three men over there…..and a boy.
The second biggest regret of my life. In the middle of a fire fight with some Taliban, this young boy ran out of a building that was in the compound that we where fighting in. I heard something behind me, turned and shot. A single gunshot wound through the heart.
I remember the just slidding down the wall staring at this kid I had killed. I dropped my gun and kept looking at him. My heart broken and tears streaming down my ash covered cheeks.
I hated myself so much then. I could never forgive myself. But fortunately for me no one saw and a grenade expolding around on the other side of the house brought me back to reality, I picked up my weapon and ran on. I couldn’t let anyone ever find out.
My brother Frank followed in my footsteps and joined the Army as well. After a year of training and small duties for him, he got sent to Afghanistan as well. My parents were so proud. Their two sons serving their country. I was happy and so was Frank. We felt like we were helping the world.
A month after Frank set foot in Afghanistan and IED went off and killed him and two others that were traveling in a humvee on a patrol in an area thought to be under our control.
I had to write home and tell my parents that their baby was dead. I was a wreck for two weeks after it and the Army gave me time off to go home and deal with it.
After the funeral we held for Frank, I walked through my home town looking at everywhere me and Frank had played as kids, everywhere we got in trouble and everywhere we fought.
I cried so much that night. I had never felt so uncertain in my life. I wanted to leave the Army and get away from it but I couldn’t just leave the service like that.
I thought of all my options and eventually went into an Army office in Omaha and explained my situation. The officer in there nearly ripped the head off me. His eyes when I was talking felt like they were ripping my soul out. I didn’t blame him but I couldn’t stay in the Army anymore after Frank’s death.
After been yelled at and threatened with court martial for twenty minutes he left the room to be replaced by another officer. This guy seemed more at ease and like he understood where I was coming from. He told me I couldn’t leave the Army but with my rank I could be moved to another section. Usually they wouldn’t do this but he made a special case for me, he told me why as well. He too had lost someone close to him while serving and felt like he couldn’t go on.
After been giving a list of options, only one stood out. One that me and Frank used to lay under the stars and night and wonder about. To stand with the Titans and see everything between our thumb and finger. An Astronaut.
My heart almost skipped a beat. I asked him about it and he told me NASA was having trouble with budgets and wanted fit soldiers to try an new program they where starting.
I signed up straight away.
Too float between the stars and look down on Earth was something me and Frank always talked about as kids by when we grew up we just forgot about.
After my two weeks off, I headed off to start my training with NASA. I thought the Army training was hard but that was nothing compared to the training required to be an Astronaut.
For two years I went through the most grueling physical pain of my life. But I came out trained too fly through space. I was able to look up and say to Frank, “I’ll join you up there soon.”
A mission came up four years later that required me to head into space to take over the running of a one man space station. My home for the past five years. It was only meant to last three months. I would have been in radio contact with home base every day. So I was never really alone, but beening alone up there for three months at a time was found to be just under the limit of what people could handle.
I said goodbye to my parents, goodbye to everyone I grew up with in the Red Cloud. I assured them that I’d see them again before they knew it. I never did.
The day came, I was in my shuttle, all ready to go and I blasted off, away from Earth. For ever, never to set foot down there again.
I was greeted by the Astronaut who had spent the last three months up here. The shuttles crew unloaded all my provisions and equipment that I needed for the next three months.
The airlock closed behind me as they left and I was on my own. I watched through the window as the shuttle headed back to Earth leaving me here on my own.
For a solid hour I just sat by a bigger window and watched the Earth rotate. It was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. It seemed to peaceful. So far away. Everything I had ever done just seemed to pointless. The war, Frank dying over something that just didn’t seem to matter up here in the stars.
For a month, I went about the daily routine of excerise, maintance, talking to home base and staring at the world, knowing my time here was limited.
Then one day I could’t get a answer from the radio. I checked the radio and the satellites to mark sure everything was working and they where. I talked into the radio for a soild hour trying to reach someone, anyone. I hard never felt so lonely. I left the radio on with the static playing in the backround.
Each day I grew more desperate. I broke down once and couldn’t get control of myself again for 4 hours. This went on for five days.
Then it happened. The fire, the bright lights. The end of the world. I don’t know what started it and I never will. But I seen massive explosions over America, then China and then Russia. Then the world. Massive balls of light where appering all over the world and then nothing. From my time in the Army I could tell these where nuclear.
I couldn’t tear myself away from the the site. It was the most horrible yet most amazing view I had every seen.
Everyone I had ever know gone, just like that. Swept away in a flood of light and fire. I couldn’t even cry, I couldn’t even scream. I just stood there for I don’t know how long.
Watching as the vision was burned into my brain.
I could see the world dying every day, it wasn’t as bright as it used to be, it looked darker. I was stuck in here in my castle while the world died.
My biggest regret was becoming an Astronaut, I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had died on Earth with everyone instead of this lonely existance I’ve been forced into.
Today is my Birthday and today is the day I die. My name was Jack Robertson. Goodbye to whoever reads this.


Just as I finished writing this memo, took one last look at the Earth and got ready to kill myself, a single word was spoken over the radio to me, “Hello….”. I am not alone anymore.

The Descent.

Down. Always down. Another night when I’m walking down this endless spiral staircase. But the weird thing is, every step I take down, everything seems….more certain. The world, my life, everything and when I turn and look back up towards the top of the stairs all I see is confusion and darkness keeping me away.

The staircase is made of white stone with no railing just a stone column in the middle; I always keep my left hand on sliding along as I head down, whether out of comfort or to keep my balance. More so out of comfort.

But away from the staircase?……All was black. I couldn’t see two feet out into the darkness. But I could hear…Every night there was sounds, no sound a human could make and I always felt like something was looking at me. Not just at me, through me. As if it could see into my very being, my thoughts, my secrets everything about me. I can feel it tearing at my soul and twisting my mind.

Every now and again there was an ear-shattering scream that seem all too human for this place. Sometimes I even hear my name been whispered in the darkness. Like it’s all around me and sometimes-whispered right into my ear. Like I’m been tempted into the darkness beyond this staircase.

I didn’t know what this place was or why every night I came here, but for the last three years every night I’ve been coming here without fail. I went on heavy sleep tranquillisers to try and stop the dreams and nothing. Went to therapy, done all this new-age bullshit and still nothing. For three years every night I have walked down this endless staircase.

Every night though I seem to get just that little bit further and every night this place seems more and more comforting. Even with all this noises and screaming it still seems more like I belong here. That thought kind of scares me, why would I feel at home here? Why does every step down this apparently endless staircase make me more calm? Like nothings wrong.

It’s a comfort, but a comfort I don’t like.

A blinding light woke me to my crappy one-bed apartment. The curtains I have are way to small for my window and every morning they let the sunlight in. I pick myself out of dank bed and have my morning cigarette while walking around my dirty apartment. Throw on the same crappy clothes and head to work.

Usually I get the 97 to my office but I missed it this morning and decided to get the underground. As I stood on the platform, I felt as if I was been watched from all sides.

I turn around to find everyone just in a trance staring at me. Everyone just looking at me, staring…not even saying a word. Then one woman starts to shriek and everyone else lets out an inhuman shriek as they descend upon me. I stumble to the ground and put my arm up to my face and scream my lungs out.

When I don’t feel anyone tearing me apart, I slowly open my eyes and look around. Everyone’s just staring at me shocked and afraid. The woman who shrieked first has taken a couple steps back in horror.

I pick myself off the ground and run out up onto the street where the morning sun blinds me. I can feel the same presence again watching me…like the one from the dream. I spin around but no-ones there, no one even glances at me.

Then I spot it, a person with a hood up, looking straight at me. But only there’s something not human about them. The eyes, the eyes always give a person away and this person’s eye’s had hatred in them but also a look as if ‘I know you.’

I turned and ran back to my flat with out even stopping for a break and by the time I was back I was covered in sweat, partly because of running and more so out of fear.

I called work to say I was sick and spent the rest of my day huddled under a blanket on my couch.

I hear a scratching all around me, under the floor, behind the wall it seems to follow me whenever I go. The walls seem to be getting closer and closer. Am I crazy or is this really happening to me? Before I know it I pass out from fatigue and fall into a deep sleep.

I’m on the staircase again. Still walking down, with no reason for walking down. As I said it’s a comfort but I don’t know why. God help me I wish I understood this. What was going on with me? Am I crazy? If I am why hasn’t any of the doctors spotted anything before? WHAT DO I DO?!

Suddenly I hear a voice. Much clearer than it ever was before. “We have found you.” I jump and turn but nothings there. I look into the darkness but nothing. “You’ll be with us soon”, with the sound of the voice I wake.

I jump awake and pull myself off the couch. The scratching has stopped and I can hardly believe what happened yesterday. I’ll put it down to stress. That has to be it. Hasn’t it?

I shower and again try head to work. This time I manage to catch the 97 all the way to my office. The closer I get the more relaxed I feel. Yesterday was just down to stress. It had to be.

I get into work and sit at my desk and before I can even settle into my desk my boss is over breathing down my neck.

“Where were you yesterday?! You let us know at the last minute your going to be out sick?! Michael said he saw you yesterday waiting at the bus stop? So well enough to go somewhere else but not work? You better be able to explain yourself John!!”

I turn to look at him and his face is bunched up in anger, a vein throbbing in his neck and his eyes small behind his glasses.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry, I had missed the bus and went to get the underground and threw up on the way…I…I felt like I wouldn’t be able to work so I went home, that’s why I was late calling.”

“I want a doctor’s note tomorrow morning from you on my desk!”

He turns and walks back to his office and I follow him with my eyes all the way back. Just as he gets to the door he freezes. He turns and looks straight back at me but his eyes are black as the night and his face has turned into something evil with sharp pointed teeth and veins all over his face and black liquid spews from his mouth. It’s looking deep into my eyes and screams “WELCOME” at me.

Just as soon as it happens he’s back to normal walking in his door and not even looking back. Like it didn’t even happen.

I realize I’m after gripping my chair so hard I almost broke the armrests on it. My shirt is soaking in sweat and I can feel my eyes bulging out of my head. I quickly shake myself off, open my drawer and pop in some meds I have to help calm me down.

What was up with him? What is up with me? Slowly I look around the office and notice nobody else is phased. They’re all just looking at their computer screens like nothing happened. I pull myself out of my chair and do the fastest walk I can to the bathroom, my eyes darting all around the room looking for anything out of place.

I burst in through the door and notice no one else is in here. It feels cold in here. Ignoring the cold and turning on the taps I wash my hands and splash water over my face to try relax. The water feels cool and helps relax me somewhat.

When I open my eyes the bathroom is dark. Panic flows through my veins. Then I hear it, shallow breathing. It’s coming from one of the cubicles.

Turning I run in the dark to where the door is but there’s no handle, no door even, just a wall. Franticly I search the wall and can’t find anything. The breathing gets louder. Cautiously I walk over to the cubicle and listen.

I can hear the breathing more clearly from here, it sounds like their choking on some liquid.

Whatever is in there throws it’s self against the door without warning and starts violently banging trying to get out. I feel like it wants to hurt me, that whatever this thing is has no other purpose in life but to cause me harm.

Turning I run back and search for the door this time falling through it into the light of the office. I look back in to the bathroom and the lights are back, looking like nothing has changed.

Nobody notices as I return to my desk and sit down.

After work I go and get the strongest sleeping pills I can find. When I get home take it and fall asleep.

Down. Again. Always Down in this place. Never up. The events of the day all seem like they never happened. As if it was just some funny joke. I even laugh a little thinking how pathetic I was to be so afraid. Don’t I understand I’m not in danger? What a fool I’ve been. I love being here. Everything’s so calm. I feel at peace here. Why can’t I just stay here forever?

I see something in the distance out in the darkness. It kind of looks like a smile.

Maybe I’m not alone here after all. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! Friends to play with. To keep me company here. In the darkness, no one can see you. I hear myself laughing out loud, shouting with laughter. A blood-curdling laugh.

I awake feeling like I haven’t in years, refreshed and full of energy. I pick myself out of bed and go into the bathroom. I even look better, I smile and realize I’m happy. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been happy.

As I go to turn away I catch something in the mirror. My eyes. There’s something different about them. But I can’t place it. I shrug and put it down to the fact I’m happy again. I shower and leave my flat.

As I’m waiting at the bus stop I notice everyone is standing a bit back from me, looking at me from the corners of their eyes. Trying not to draw attention to themselves. I ignore them, I’m happy and that’s all that matters to me. I couldn’t care less what these people think. Worthless people.

The bus pulls up. I get on and as I pay my fare the bus driver looks at me in shock but doesn’t say anything. He just prints out my ticket and watches me until I sit down. Everyone is looking at me and whispering to each other with fear in their eyes. I ignore them and look out the window.

I saw the man in the hood again but this time there’s no anger in his face. He looks me straight in the eyes and smiles. No more hatred, just happiness.

As the bus pulls off he disappears from view and I forget about him. Again realising that everyone is still trying to avoid looking at me.

I get into work and everyone acts the same as the people on the bus. They all stop what they’re doing and look at me in shock with their jaws open and shock on their faces.

I head straight into the bathroom and look in the mirror but nothing’s different apart from my eyes. But that is happiness surely? I splash water on my face and head to my desk. Again straight away my boss is over my desk, he starts saying; “So where the hell is the Doctor’s….” But he breaks off when I turn around and look at him. His mouth just opens and closes like he’s trying to speak but no words are coming out. “Ah…ah…John…are y-you okay?…” He stutters. He slowly takes a step back. “Yeah I feel fantastic, why?” I reply. I look around and everyone is looking at me in horror. “G-go to the doctor…now…and…ah…take the rest of the day off…”

“What? Why? What’s wrong with me? I feel fine! Better than I have in three years!”

“Go to the doctor! And don’t come back until you are better. If you don’t leave I’ll have security called and have the police escort you to the doctors.”

“But I feel fine! I look better too. I don’t feel as tired.”

“Joanne call security! Have them up here now!”

I turn around and see security coming towards me. They have shocked looks on their faces but pull me up out of my chair regardless and drag me towards the door and down to the main hall.

When I get there the cops are waiting for me and an ambulance. I’m strapped to a trolley and put into the back of the ambulance. While I’m in the back I catch a glance of myself and see what everyone has been seeing. My face. It’s grey and twisted like I’m full of hatred and anger. My eyes have gone jet black. I scream and scream. The EMT backs off. He pulls out a needle from a shelf, injects me with something and I pass out.

“They’re all against you. Every last one. They want to take away your happiness. Remember how you felt? You were finally happy. Like you have never been. Do you hear me John? They want you sad like them. They lie to you. They want to take everything away from you. Your almost there. Almost to full happiness. Almost”

I wake strapped into a bed. The room dark with hushed voice’s outside my door. I can barely make them out.

“……is it?…….anything…….before…..armed……national….”

What the hell is going on? Why can’t they understand that I’m happy? Why won’t they leave me alone?

A nurse walks in and sees I’m awake. She drops the tray she is holding and it clangs too the ground. Two cops run into the room with their side arms drawn, pointed right at me. They see I’m still tied to the bed and lower them. A doctor and two more cops run into the room with their weapons also drawn. But when they see that I’m still in bed they too lower them.

The doctor asks everyone to leave but the cops to remain outside the door.

He approaches me, looks at me for a moment and then picks up my chart at the end of the bed. “Eh…Mr. Wilson?” I look back at him utterly confused, “Yes?..” “Oh g-good so you CAN hear me…ahem…how do you feel?…”

“I feel pretty confused! Why am I tied to the bed?! What is going on? And why did those cops have their guns pointed at me when they came in?!”

“Ah…yes…well, it’s for safety…do you remember anything?…”

“What? Safety? And yeah I remember I was dragged from my office and put in an ambulance where I was knocked out!”

The doctor looks at me slightly confused and walks to the other side of the room towards the window.

“Well this might come as a shock to you…but, ahem, that’s not what happened…”

“What do you mean that’s not what happened?”

“Do you really not remember?… This may come as a shock to you Mr Wilson, you walked into your office today and…and you shot everyone…”


“They’re all dead, your boss, everyone in the office. You dismembered the bodies and tried to set the place on fire. The cops showed up, you killed 3 officers before they brought you down. The… The place was a mess… Body pieces everywhere… You even managed to nail some off them to the walls.”

I lay there in shock, part of me liked hearing it, that’s what scared me the most.

“And then you also…”

I didn’t hear anymore. Another voice was whispering in my ear.

“John. Get up John. I unlocked the straps for you. Take your revenge. They want to take away your happiness. Don’t listen to what he says. It’s all lies. They want to hurt you. They want to harm you. Are you going to let that happen? Get. Up. John. NOW!!”

I felt the straps around my legs and arms fall open and I heard the doctor go silent and saw him back against the window. I ran over before he even had time to scream, grabbing him by the neck and smashed his body through the window, down six stories to his death.

The sound of the breaking glass had drawn the cops back in but I had run back over to the door by the time they got in. I ripped ones neck out with my nails before he could do anything. The other shot me and hit my shoulder but I was on top of him before he could get off another and I was ripping him to bits while he lay screaming under me. I used my teeth and nails.

It brought me so much joy to end this miserable excuse for a person’s life. As I stood, covered in this piece of shits blood I felt exhilarated. I picked up a gun and got all the ammo I could from the cops.

As I stepped out into the hall the other two officers where running down the hall to me but I shot them dead before they could do anything. I turned and shot a nurse running down the hall and killed her too.

I went from room to room shooting every last person I saw. Each kill bringing me more and more happiness. I heard myself laughing and felt warm blood splash on my face.

I got to the front of the hospital with the gun empty and stepped out into the cold night air.

A spotlight shone down on top of me and I looked around to see squad cars all around the car park and swat vans in the back. About fifty officers all had their guns trained on me, ready to fire at a moments notice.

I should have been scared, but I wasn’t. I smiled and raised my weapon. Before I could even get it shoulder height I was gunned down.

As I lay on the ground with my blood pooling around me I was laughing as I faded into the dream.

I was walking down the staircase but this time it was different. Something was different. I could see the bottom. Finally after 3 years of walking down this staircase every night I was actually at the bottom and I was happy. I belong here. This is my home. No one can take this away from me. The Darkness is around me but it’s warm and comforting. I’m home.

A return to writing.

I used to write quite a lot. Short stories, poems, songs, that short of thing but one day I just stopped. For no reason.

So I’ve decided to start writing short stories again, poems or any idea I think that would just be nice to share with people. To get peoples feedback on an idea I have or a story I’ve wrote.

Upon saying that I hope to get a least one piece posted every two weeks. The style will jump around quite a bit because I have many different influences. But I think that will make for more variety with what I post.

So I hope that after reading something I post you will have enjoyed it. That’s what I really want. Just people to read something I wrote and enjoy it, get lost in the story. If you like what I’ve done as well, please share it with your friends and family so more people can read what I’ve wrote and loose themselves in it.

Thanks for reading.